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Safety warnings over dermal fillers

I was delighted to be interviewed for Susan Mitchell’s excellent article in the Sunday Business Post last weekend.
As hard as it is to believe, there is little to no regulation around the supply and use of dermal fillers in Ireland. Product can be purchased online, and people with no medical training whatsoever can inject filler. This situation is contributing to an upsurge in patients presenting to Emergency Departments with complications associated with such treatments.
As Professor Ryan and Dr. Coleman say, “This practice is alarming, as inadvertent injection of a dermal filler into an artery of the face can result in blindness or necrosis of tissue of the face. If this is not immediately reversed by hyaluronidase, a regulated prescription injection (which can cause anaphylaxis) that can only be injected by physicians, the results are catastrophic for patients”.
When interviewed, I stated that it is an invasive medical procedure that has risks, and expressed by concern that filler procedures have been trivialised. The skills to safely perform filler treatments are gained by plastic surgeons and dermatologists over years of training, and only doctors on the specialist register in one of those specialties have completed formal, recognised training in facial aesthetics, dermal fillers (and other treatments such as Botox), and the recognition and management of complications associated with these treatments. These skills and knowledge are not possible to learn over the course of a few days, on a training course, many of which are industry-sponsored.
If you are considering a dermal filler procedure, the advice is to seek out a specialist, to ensure you are happy with the premises, product, and aftercare. Please don’t take chances with your face.
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