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Skin health consultation

Skin health: ask the experts

Healthy skin is having a moment. It is impossible to open a magazine, scroll through Instagram, or even meet a friend for coffee without hearing about the latest greatest skincare product or treatment. The range of treatments and products available can be overwhelming, and with the proliferation of self-styled experts (many of whom are unqualified), sponsored endorsements, and a blurring of the lines between the beauty and medical industry, it can be very difficult to establish who is advising you, and whether that advice is any good. Many clients attend with stories of treatments that failed to meet their expectations, large collections of barely used (and sometimes very expensive) products which did not suit their skin, feeling confused about what might work in their particular circumstances, or worried about potential adverse effects or downtime associated with treatments.

Our philosophy at Fitzgerald Plastic Surgery is simple: good skin is achievable for virtually everyone, and we have the qualifications and experience to help a very high proportion of individuals who seek our help. Occasionally, referral to a consultant dermatologist is indicated, and we will advise you without hesitation if we feel that this is the best course of action for you. The commonest situation where this occurs is where someone is a potential candidate for systemic treatment of acne (e.g. Roaccutane).

Your skin health consultation

The first step towards glowing, healthy skin, is to attend for a consultation with  our highly experienced aesthetic nurse. During this consultation, we will analyse your skin carefully, help you to define your skincare goals, and suggest products and treatments that are designed to work with your lifestyle, budget, and timescale. Before coming in, it can be very useful to have a think about your major and minor concerns, how quickly (or slowly) you want to see a result, how you feel about downtime and side effects like redness, peeling, and bruising, and your budget. It can also be useful to either note down or bring with you products that you are currently using: where possible/ advisable, we like to suggest tweaks to your current regime, rather than suggesting that you throw everything in the bin, as we are conscious that you may already have invested in skincare products. Also have a think about your exposure to sun, upcoming holidays, and current habits around sunscreen, as this may have a bearing on our recommendations to you.

There is a fee associated with the skincare consultation. This may be offset in full against recommended products, or treatments with the nurse. Should a laser patch test be deemed necessary, it is included in the consultation fee. If the nurse feels that a consultation with Ms Fitzgerald is required for your particular concerns (for example should an injectable treatment or surgical procedure be something you wish to discuss), then such a consultation can be arranged for you, and the fee paid for consultation with the nurse may be offset in full against Ms Fitzgerald’s consultation fee.

Follow up

We’ve all done it: bought a whole load of new products with great enthusiasm, been meticulous at first, but then let things slide, and become confused about what we were supposed to do and when. We don’t want this to happen to our clients, and therefore we offer comprehensive support and follow-up for clients starting a new skincare regime. In addition to written instructions, we love to take a look at your skin after a couple of weeks on your new regime. Please book this complimentary review appointment following your initial appointment. We will also stay in touch by phone, and you are welcome to drop us an email or telephone at any stage should you have any concerns or require clarification on any aspect of your skincare regime.

Purchasing products

We realise that people live busy lives, and if it suits you to have your products sent out to you, we are delighted to do this for you. Please just call us on 01 5553777 or email , and we will arrange this for you. If you are on any prescription products, you will require to have had a review appointment within the previous six months in order for us to provide those products to you. If you are unsure as to whether or not you are on prescription products, just drop us a line and we will clarify for you.