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What is a laser?

Lasers are powerful devices, which create a very specific beam of light to target tissues within the body. By selectively heating these tissues, a laser can destroy them, without injuring surrounding tissues. Examples of the tissues destroyed include pigmentation in the skin, unwanted body hair, and broken blood vessels. The use of lasers is a rapidly-expanding and dynamic field within plastic surgery. These devices have the capacity to treat a wide variety and ever-lengthening list of conditions. Correctly used, they may offer an alternative to traditional surgical and non-surgical treatments, for a variety of aesthetic and non-aesthetic conditions.

Why choose Fitzgerald Plastic Surgery for your laser treatment?

Simply put – we are different.

We are highly qualified

Ms Fitzgerald has a particular interest and expertise in medical lasers, having completed fellowship training (months of additional training following qualification as a plastic surgeon) in this field. She is the only plastic surgeon in Ireland to have undergone this level of training, and the only plastic surgeon offering many of the treatments she provides.

We are involved

We are the only clinic in the country where you can have your assessment and treatment carried out by a consultant surgeon with the level of training in this area that Ms Fitzgerald possesses. Our team also includes our laser nurse, who performs all laser hair removal treatments, as well as treatments for numerous other conditions. You will never be treated by anyone other than a medical professional. You can choose whether to have your treatments provided by the consultant or the specialist nurse.

We understand what we are doing

It is an alarming fact that, in this country, anyone can buy a laser and start treating patients, with absolutely no qualifications. These powerful machines are capable of causing significant harm, and the risk of injury is greatly increased when the person using the machine does not understand what they are doing. We are meticulous about safety.

We will give you realistic expectations of what your treatment can achieve, and will recommend courses of treatment that are designed to give you the best clinical result: some high street clinics encourage patients to attend much more frequently than is necessary, a practice that wastes their time and money.

We ensure that our equipment is of the highest standard, and is properly maintained.

Many high street laser facilities use sub-standard equipment, and failure to regularly service machines is a common issue. The combination of these factors gives rise to a situation where treatments are at best ineffective, and at worst unsafe. Here at Fitzgerald Plastic Surgery, we have some of the highest quality lasers available internationally.

The Lumenis IPL machine is considered the “gold standard” for photorejuvenation, and treatment of rosacea & vascular lesions. The efficacy of this device has been proven in over 80 peer reviewed papers.

Our diode laser, used for permanent hair reduction, is considered the most effective device for this purpose available. It can be used for type I to III skin types, and with caution, some patients with type IV skin may be able to receive this treatment.

The Nd:YAG vascular laser is highly effective for the treatment of telangiectasias, thread veins, and haemangiomas. It can be used in a wide variety of skin types, including dark skin types, for this purpose.

We also offer treatments using the Ultrapulse carbon dioxide laser, at the Beacon Hospital. Fractional carbon dioxide laser treatments (ActiveFX, DeepFX, and MaxFX) are used for rejuvenation (treatment of pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, and improvement of skin laxity), and treatment of scarring, including improvement of scar contractures, pigmentation, acne scarring, and retexturing of scars. This laser has been proven to offer the best results possible for these conditions. Ms Fitzgerald is the only plastic surgeon in Ireland who performs these treatments.

We have designed our appointment structure to avoid putting you under pressure

In line with best recommended practice, we do not offer limited-time offers, deadlines for booking treatments, or other forms of incentive. Despite the fact that there is an overlap with the beauty industry, these are treatments with permanent effects, and it is important that you make the decision to go ahead free from pressure.

We offer effective treatments for a wide variety of conditions

Conditions that can be treated with laser

  • Skin laxity

    Skin roughness

    Lines & wrinkles





    Active acne & acne scars

    Xanthelesmata (cholesterol deposits under the skin adjacent to the eyes)

  • Unwanted or excess hair

    Thread veins

    Spider naevi


    Excess redness of facial skin


    Port wine stains

    Vascular malfomations


The appointment process

First appointment and patch testing

Your first appointment will be with either Ms Fitzgerald, or the aesthetic nurse, depending on the condition which you wish to have treated. Your medical history, skin type, and other relevant factors will be assessed. Provided that it is safe to do so, you will have a patch test done during this appointment. We will not be able to do a patch test if the area that you wish treated has any signs of a tan, or has recently been exposed to sunlight. Skin irritation in the area, and certain medications (usually those which make you more sensitive to sunlight) may mean a patch test is inadvisable. Particular skin care products such as retinols, glycolic acids, and AHAs or BHAs may make your skin more sensitive, and would usually need to be discontinued before treatment. If you are pregnant or have been within the last six months, we advise against laser treatments owing to the pigmentation changes that occur in your skin during pregnancy.

Following this appointment, you will be advised as to the recommended treatment, and the number, frequency, and duration of these appointments. This is a guideline, given in good faith. Some patients will require less, and some more, than the recommended number, in order to achieve their desired result.

Subsequent appointments

You will be recommended appointments of a specific duration. The time given is sufficient to allow assessment of your skin, including your response to previous treatment, completion of a consent form, clinical photography, skin preparation, the treatment itself, and post-procedure care and advice.

It is common that, on completion of the prescribed course, you will be recommended maintenance treatments, to be done several months later.

Fee structure

Kindly contact us on or by telephone on 01 5553777, and we would be happy to talk you through our pricing structure.

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