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Hand rejuvenation


Over time, the appearance of the hands changes, with a loss of fat, skin elasticity, and volume contributing to an older appearance. The appearance of pigmentation or “liver spots” may also contribute to an aged appearance. These same issues occur in the face, and it is now recognised that some of the treatments used there may also be of use in restoring vitality to the hands.


  • Type of anaesthetic
    None/ Topical/ Local anaesthetic
    Length of procedure
    Nights in hospital
    0 nights (day case)
    or office procedure

  • Scars
    None/ minimal

The changes in the skin and loss of fat can result in veins and tendons becoming more visible. A modern and effective treatment for this, is lipofilling. A small amount of fat is removed from another area of the body (e.g. stomach or thighs), and then re-injected in a thin layer into and under the skin of the hands. More detailed information on lipofilling may be found here. Hyaluronic acid fillers may be used in a similar fashion, and are particularly effective in reducing the dehydrated, crêpe-y appearance of older skin. When these fillers are used, the result will gradually fade over time, and the treatment may be repeated as necessary.

Pigmentation is best managed by prevention, that is daily use of moisturisers and SPF. Once it has occurred, it may be addressed by a number of means including laser treatments. It is always important to outrule a harmful or potentially harmful cause for a new area of skin pigmentation, and in the great majority of cases, this is easily done using a combination of the history given by the patient and an experienced eye.