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Hand surgery

Hand surgery is an integral part of plastic surgery. Throughout our training, we manage hand trauma, ranging from the simple (nailbed injuries) through to the complex (amputations). I have provided some information on the commoner elective hand surgery procedures I perform here. If you do not see the procedure in which you are interested, please contact us to check if it is one that we provide. I also recommend that you review the general information for patients contemplating surgery – while not all of the points are relevant to hand surgery patients, many of them are.

The results of an operation to the hand are hugely dependent on the rehabilitation process. Formal hand therapy is often necessary, and I work with expert hand therapists, to whom I provide a detailed referral. A joint effort between the patient, the therapist and the surgeon is the best way to ensure the best outcome after any hand surgery.

Please note that a GP referral is required for all patients presenting with a hand issue, other than those seeking rejuvenation procedures.