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Facial plastic surgery

In all aspects of cosmetic surgery, balance, proportion, and a natural appearance are the principles by which I operate. Nowhere are they more important than in the face. My aim is to introduce subtle changes that result in a revitalised, fresh appearance, whilst avoiding an obviously-operated look.

I believe that there are three key issues that need to be addressed when assessing the facial features for a rejuvenation procedure. They are the quality and elasticity of the skin, identification of areas of excess and deficient volume, and the effects of gravity. I believe the best results are achieved when all three areas are balanced, and my role is to advise to you as the the areas of priority to best achieve the results you seek. As with any cosmetic surgery operation I perform, I recommend that we meet twice prior to proceeding with surgery, in order that the treatment plan and goals are clear to us both, and that you will have had a chance to think things over and ask any questions that come to mind.