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Inverted nipple correction


While most women have naturally protruding nipples, in some cases, one or both may be inverted. Inverted nipples that have been present since adolescence are usually due to short milk ducts, and are unlikely to be associated with any other medical problem. If, however, it happened more recently, or is associated with any other breast symptom, then corrective surgery is not recommended, and we recommend that you see your GP.


  • Type of anaesthetic
    Local or general anaesthetic
    Length of surgery
    30 min to 1 hour
    Nights in hospital
    0 nights (day case)
    Under the nipple

  • Recovery
    1-3 days off work
    2 weeks cushioned dressing
    2 weeks gentle exercise
    4 weeks strenuous exercise
    1 week (dressing clinic)
    2 weeks (dressing clinic)
    6 weeks
    6 months

My approach

I understand that inverted nipples may be distressing to some women, and this straightforward procedure, which can be performed under local anaesthetic, aims to correct this.

The Surgery

A small cut is made under the nipple. Once healed, this scar should be barely visible. The milk glands that are tethering the nipple down are divided, and the area re-stitched so it protrudes. A cushioned dressing that prevents flattening of the nipple by clothing is applied, and this is left in place for two weeks.

As the milk glands are cut, this procedure may impact on a woman’s ability to breastfeed. Numbness immediately after surgery is normal, and may persist in the long term. As healing occurs, scars naturally shorten. This may occasionally result in recurrence of the inversion.