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Improvement of breast asymmetry


Breast asymmetry may arise as a result of differences in how the two breasts develop in adolescence, uneven effects of weight gain or loss, changes after pregnancy or breastfeeding, as a result of previous surgery or injury, or following reconstruction.


  • Type of anaesthetic
    General anaesthetic
    Length of surgery
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    Nights in hospital
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  • Scars
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My approach

I evaluate each case on an individual basis. A number of factors will influence the procedure that I recommend to you. As well as considering what is technically possible in each case, your feelings about which of the two breasts you prefer, your ideal breast size and shape, your feelings about scars, silicone implants, extent and number of surgeries, and amount of down-time will all be taken into account. My aim is to provide an individualised treatment plan, developed in collaboration with you

The Surgery

Many different surgical techniques may be used, such as inserting implants, a breast uplift or reduction procedure, fat transfer, scar revision, or nipple reconstruction. Non-surgical techniques such as laser or scar management may also feature in the treatment plan.