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Breast reconstruction

A wide variety of reconstructive options are available for women who have undergone mastectomy or lumpectomy. A number of factors need to be taken into account when planning a reconstruction. They include the quality and quantity of available tissue, previous radiotherapy and scars, and very importantly, your feelings about the duration and number of procedures you wish to undergo, whether an implant would be acceptable to you, and whether you would contemplate symmetrising surgery to the opposite breast. Your overall health, build, and any medications will also influence the type of reconstruction that is suitable.

I offer a broad range of reconstructive procedures including tissue-expander and implant based reconstructions, and latissimus dorsi (back flap) procedures. I am not in a position to perform free flaps (e.g. DIEP flaps). Other procedures that are of relevance to breast reconstruction patients are breast augmentation, breast reduction, or mastopexy procedures to the opposite breast to enhance symmetry. Nipple reconstruction is usually performed following the main reconstruction procedure, when everything has had a chance to settle. I also offer laser treatment of telangiectasia (broken veins) that may occur on the chest wall following radiotherapy treatments.

I adhere to the same principles of proportion and balance when performing reconstructive surgery, as I do during cosmetic breast surgery. I aim to create a natural-appearing breast, in line with your expectations and wishes, as far as is possible. As there are so many available options, the best way to judge what could work for you is to discuss your options in person, following an individualised consultation.